Why every company should own a paper shredder

If you are a business owner or executive and your organization doesn’t have a paper shredder appliance, you could be unsuspectedly giving away your secrets or even letting yourself become liable to legal action.

Security was ranked as the number one concern for business owners with staff between 30 and 500. But many of these business owners were unsure how to protect themselves. Many have put extensive efforts into their IT equipment and firewalls, which is a very good idea. But have failed to invest in the basics. Such as safes, paper shredders and quality building security.

Physical theft is still the number one way theft is carried out in the country and as business owners are increasingly being held accountable for the data they collect from clients and businesses. It is common sense that all sensitive information be completely destroyed before it leaves the office premises.

As with many office procedures the weakest link in security is the physical component. In this case being the staff. If an employee is asked to destroy a document everyone will have their own idea of what destroying the document means. Whereas with a paper shredder all confidential documents will be destroyed in the same manner, giving management assurance that the documents have actually been destroyed beyond recognition. Assuming, of course, you use a high quality paper shredder machine – the ShredderWizard.com will help you to make sure of that.

Ultimately a paper shredder is a low cost investment that dramatically increases an organizations protection against identity theft and loss of confidential information. Two things that are paramount in the modern world.