Top 3 Famous DNA Tests

DNA tests are not usually mainstream news on the world's media, but that isn't to say there aren't important or high profile DNA testing cases to report. In fact, over the last few decades, DNA testing has played a growing role in the way we analyze the past and the way we interpret our future. 

Thomas Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States of America, and is widely considered as one of the leading Founding Fathers of the modern constitution. You may check to get the knowledge about the top most famous DNA tests.

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However, his image has been somewhat marred by allegations with origins of over 200 years that he had fathered children to his slave, Sally Hemmings. After DNA samples were recovered from relevant parties, it was determined that the alleged child Eston Hemmings did in fact, share genetic material on the male side with Thomas Jefferson, although no firm conclusions were drawn as to whether that connection was with Jefferson personally.

Marie Antoinette – French Queen and icon of history, Marie Antoinette was recently subject to advanced DNA sampling and testing techniques. DNA from a hair supposed to have been that of Antoinette was collected and tested with DNA obtained from the heart of King Louis XVII.

Thanks to the advancement of DNA processing technologies, the samples were able to be matched to determine that a genetic link did. In fact, exist between the DNA samples, confirming the identity of the hair.

Anna Nicole Smith – TV personality and model Anna Nicole Smith was thrust to the forefront of media scrutiny in her high-profile celebrity DNA testing case, where the paternity of her daughter was put to question.

Initially, partner Howard K. Stern nominated himself as the likely father on national television, sparking the media storm surrounding the testing process – although DNA paternity testing methods ultimately proved ex-husband Larry Birkhead as the biological father of the child.