The Marti alarm Combat Training Partner

Within a martial arts career you can occasionally find yourself without having school to go to or no-one to train with and so out of necessity the martial arm solo training partner came to be. The Marti alarm is a Martial Arts training machine used to develop the entry and trapping skills of any martial arts system.

That is designed to actually test any techniques so to increase the ability to capture and control your opponent’s hands and arms. This specific can be done because the Marti alarm moves and reacts like a real opponent. For more information about martial art you can visit at

The Marti alarm moves and twists up, down, left and right like a real opponent would – so it can early spring forward and it will strike back!. The Marti alarm Combat Training Partner was designed and developed on the following theories.



Marti alarm Theory

#1) Safety – You must maintain totally safety when entering into the opponents attack range, this means to reduce any variables that could happen by covering them. (Methods of entry must be advanced yet simple, fast as well as safe! )

#2) Attacks – You must have the ability to attack at will, with no concern or hesitation. The attack should incorporate a total control of the opposition’s weapons. (Attacks must be structured to have within them a 100% security! )

#3) Adaptability – Techniques Article Submission, attacks and defenses must flow but not necessarily at a frequent pace. Adaptability to choose exactly what is next is key! Whatever fighting methods you choose just make certain you do look at a few when you begin and entire with the college what martial arts equipment they utilize to get the best from your training.