The advantages of a water birth

Mothers report that the warm water helps to ease the pain of contractions and that having a water birth makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable which results in calmer breathing rhythm.  Studies have shown that the use of water as pain relief during labour has been found to reduce the need for epidurals as pain relief.*

A new dimmed room and birthing pool may feel more private than a vivid labour ward, helping you relax even more.The buoyancy of the water makes you feel light and enables you to get into more comfortable. To get more info about midwife services you can contact to our expert at LA Midwife Collective.



positions for the final stages or keeping you more straight – which provides you the good thing about working with the law of gravity as your baby is born.

The disadvantages of a water labor and birth

Pain relief options are more limited

You might have to leave the pool if a complication at shipping develops

What extra pain relief can I take?

Entonox (gas and air) is allowed during a water birth (the fuel is actually weak to make you feel so sleepy that you'd slip under the water). In a clinic gas and air is usually pumped to the shipping room or the birth pool room from a core supply. It can be brought to your home, in a canister.

Massage and breathing exercises are also fine during a water birth. You will not be allowed TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) as this is power and for that reason not compatible with water.