Sky Diving In Byron Bay


You are tired of your boring, monotonous everyday routine and want some adventure in your life. Plan out a trip to Byron Bay with your friends and try out skydiving. Byron Bay is one of the best skydiving spots and going there is an experience you must have. Below are a few things you should know before you go skydiving in Byron Bay.

1. The view is phenomenal

Along with the adrenaline rush, you might find yourself in awe of the view you see. If you are fond of beaches and nature, in general, you will love it. When you jump from 14000 meters above the ground, you will see the whole of the Eastern side of Australia and the Byron Bay lighthouse.

2. Check affordability

The Skydive Byron Bay is the only company offering this service. As there are no companies to choose from affordability is a must. So, maybe save up before your vacation to Byron Bay. However, the company offers exciting packages which also includes surf lessons as well.

3. Research beforehand

Before you go on the skydiving trip, try to research a bit on it. Perhaps watching skydiving videos on YouTube will make you more excited. However, it is necessary that you follow all the necessary instructions. It is always a great idea to have friends along on this trip; they will definitely make you enjoy more.

Therefore, get the Gold Coast to Byron Bay bus and get ready for your big skydiving adventure.