Roberto Cavalli Luxury Tiles

roberto cavalli tilesRoberto Cavalli is a international figure who has made his mark on the home and fashion design markets over the past several decades. His boutiques, clubs and yacht reflect his passion for luxury and design. He has established himself professionally in the fashion-wear market as well as the home-wear market, which continues to expand by formed partnerships. He says that his lifestyle is always "hugely driven by passion."Since 1960 Roberto Cavalli tiles have been manufactured and distributed globally from Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Roberto Cavalli Tile Collection

The tile collections include Agata and Divia collections, Signoria and Rinascimento Collections as well as others. Each collection is unique in design. Patterns and color coordinations created are done so reflecting a specific mood, and adding a sense of luxury and enhanced atmosphere to the home premises. A signature tile, stylish in appearance, prominently displays the Roberto Cavalli name, which is believed to only augment its value.

According to Roberto Cavalli recently entered into licensed agreements with other prestigious partners to create, exhibit and sell various product areas. These include ceramics, textiles, furniture, porcelain and home furnishings.. Glamor and sensuality may well be conveyed by exhibits where these various product areas are uniformly brought together to complement and enhance home decor.