Pescador Island Hopping and Kawasan Waterfalls in Cebu

Over time, Cebu’s tourist spots and or destinations are stepping it up to be at par to other tourist destinations in the country. Locals in the area are thinking out of the box to somehow meet every tourist’s needs and interests. Foreign and non-local travelers changes their liking with regards to travel and site visits over time and adapting to their (travelers) need will definitely meet their expectations. The province of Cebu has the best tourist spots comparable to other top destinations as well. As of today, travelers are no longer just travelers but adventure seekers. They tend to look more what is on the other side of the coin, they are looking more in a place that it offers.

Pescador and Kawasan falls adventure is a great way and a perfect activity that attracts not just the foreign and non-locals but even the locals are taking part of the getaway as well. A combination of a land and water activity are ways to attract more tourists and gain their interest. A Kawasan adventure is an activity wherein they will get to enjoy the natural marvel of the falls, they can cliff jump if they want to. On the other hand, island hopping is another fun water adventure wherein tourists will get to enjoy the fish sanctuaries nearby.