Do You Want To Live Near The Vaughan Mill Area?

If you have always wanted to live around the ultra classy and posh Vaughan Mills and the Vaughan Metropolitan Center then the Met Condos can be a good choice. Some people say that it is a stylish and posh place to live in. The Met Condos has been developed by Plaza Corp and will be available near the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre; it will offer quality housing and ease of access to one of the best areas of the town. The exact location would be 7895 Jane Street at the Jane Street and Highway intersection in Vaughan.

The following are going to be the exclusive features of the Met Condos:

  1. This is a condominium project and is proposed to have a 30 storey tower with over 500 suites and 60 townhomes.
  2. The amenities of the Met Condos will include a gym, theatre, party room and a plunge poll. There are going to be units for visitors’ car parking and 2 guests’ suites will also be available. The possession is anticipated to be delivered by the summer of 2018. Each and every suite will include one car parking unit and the height of the ceiling of townhomes would by 9’.
  3. The price per square feet would be $530 and one suite will have an average space of 600 square feet. The townhomes will be available at 1190-1200 square feet of area.