Brief About Dau Go Cave in Halong Bay

Among the many popular islands in Halong Bay, Dau Go Cave is very popular. This cave has attracted many visitors due to its beautiful formations and its interesting history. It lies in Halong Bay about 7 kilometers from the shore. It takes cruises about 30 minutes to reach Driftwood Island, which is where the grotto is located.


Historians believe that Dau Go Cave was used as a strategic battle site in the 13th century.The men gathered wood from what is now Halong City, and the timber was cut down and carved to form the stakes. They added steel tips to the ends, which made them even more dangerous.You can get latest news about Halong Bay cruises via various websites.

At the mouth of the Bach Dang River, the troops placed the stakes into the riverbed, where they were hidden during high tide. They then led their Mongolian enemies into their trap, where they then sunk the ships using flaming arrows. A few of the stakes still remain in the river bottom.


Dau Go Cave is not same as some of the other caves, but it still has unique and interesting formations. Visitors can reach the entrance after climbing 90 steps up the side of Driftwood Island.